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‘Now’ is like a single frame taken from a roll of film, and it is also the whole film. It is embedded within a complex network of memories and expectations, yet it is neither the past nor the future. Lao-tsu once said that something and nothing produce each other. The line between nothing and everything becomes blurred.

Through my art I investigate the experience of ‘being here now’, and the complex relationships that emerge when the meeting of linear and non-linear time together create consciousness. It is through a dialogue with various cameras and recording devices that I attempt to reach a deeper understanding of this experience, but there are no answers, only more questions.

’When am I?’ is one of the most puzzling questions. If I am ‘somewhere’, when do I begin to be there and when do I stop being there? How does my ‘being’ anywhere extend beyond the physicality of my body? How do I embody space? Am I still there now? If all time is now, then the whole world is in each of us, and all of its history and we are here creating it. That is a responsibility.

‘The meaning of the word ‘Being’ is the emptiest and thus embraces everything’. (Heidegger)

Working with ordinary everyday things and life experiences, the most ordinary may become quite extra-ordinary. Video is a wonderful medium to use in the manipulation of time and space. It’s like a digital form of the conscious process.

With the use of both image and sound, often pushed to their technical limits, I attempt to create contemplative spaces.