Stills from video 'In Memory of Being and Time 'In Memory of being and time'

‘In Memory of Being and Time’ (2002)

‘I make a drink and stand by the rayburn to think about what being means. I look out at the hills and then at the porridge pan, thinking about breakfast and wondering why Tamsin refused her porridge this morning. Then I decide to make a video of how I am being right now. I go upstairs to get my video camera, but when I look in the cupboard it isn’t there. I go back downstairs to check up on some details about manual focus in the book. I write down my recent thoughts and actions and then pick up the camera and re-enact the last five minutes’

A meeting of linear and non linear time.



DVD/Video Projection
single or looped.
Dimensions variable
With sound
Length:3 min

Stills from video, 'In Memory of Being and Time'