Field darkroom

Passages (2003)

‘Pinhole Project: Summer 2003

After setting up a darkroom in a field using hazel sticks and a piece of tarpaulin, recycled tins and containers were used in a workshop where I instructed a group of people on how to make pinhole cameras. Photographs were taken directly onto photographic paper, capturing various scenes amongst a community of about 50 people who were camping and living together in the field over a two week period. An exhibition was held at the end of this period.


Field Darkroom

Pinhole in the Whale (exhibition)

'Pinhole in the Whale'

Pinhole in the whale



Door in field Gate Project

‘Gate Project’


An international project set up by a group of artists in Rome, involved artists world wide over summer 2003. Working with performance, sound, video and photography, a group of artists in the south west erected a large structure with a suspended door, in a field. The process of constructing this, working around it and through it, produced much work, including material for the ‘Pinhole Project’. The video ‘Two Minute Pinhole Performance’ was a piece that evolved from this work.

Moving Door in field Gate Project