'Mind the Gap'


Mind the Gap


'Mind the Gap' (2014)

'Mind The Gap' is a video piece inspired by the missing rail tracks at Dawlish and the subsequent missing rail links in the South West of England. The tracks were washed away by unusually high tides and storms.The work could also refer to the potential future of this rail line. The footage for this was taken before the track was damaged, and it depicts 5 minutes of the beautiful route from Dawlish to the outskirts of Exeter.

'Mind the Gap' has other connotations, for example in Buddhism it is a reminder to watch the space between thoughts, or between an impulse and action. Rachel Cornish likes to manipulate time and space through video and its post production. The gap symbolises presence as a space between what has passed and what is to come, an infinite space which contains everything, but also an infinite nothingness in the absence of any conscious experience.